The Journey of Faith: Milestones that Shape Us

At Shepherd, we cherish these faith milestones as sacred moments that deepen our relationship with Christ and strengthen our bond as a community. We invite you to journey with us, celebrating and embracing these milestones, as we grow together in faith, grounded in the timeless truths of God’s Word and the Lutheran Confessions.


Baptism is a sacred sacrament where we witness the power of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit, as individuals are united with Christ and welcomed into the family of believers. We celebrate the gift of new life in Christ, embracing the promises of forgiveness, salvation, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Through baptism, we recognize our need for God’s grace and commit ourselves to live as His redeemed children.


Confirmation marks a significant milestone in the lives of our youth as they affirm their baptismal promises and embrace their identity as disciples of Christ. Through comprehensive catechesis, study of Scripture, and exploration of Lutheran theology, we equip our young members to boldly confess their faith and actively engage in the life of the Church. Confirmation prepares them to take their place as responsible, informed, and faithful participants in our Lutheran heritage.


In the sacred bond of marriage, we witness the union of two hearts joined by God’s grace and love. Our church community stands ready to support couples as they embark on this joyous journey, providing pastoral guidance and the rich resources of Lutheran theology to strengthen their covenant relationship.


In times of loss and mourning, our church community surrounds grieving families with love, compassion, and the comfort of God’s Word. Funerals provide an opportunity to celebrate the lives of our departed loved ones, while offering solace and the assurance of the resurrection hope we have in Christ. We gather together, sharing in the joyous memories and the promise of eternal life, as we commend our loved ones to the Lord’s tender care.